Join Us in Protecting Charlottesville's Future


Dear Charlottesville Neighbor, 

Climate change threatens the futures of our children and grandchildren, of the natural world and all its inhabitants, and of those most vulnerable in our communities who have the fewest resources with which to respond.

The good news is that communities across the country are stepping up to reduce their climate emissions. That includes Charlottesville. Our homes are responsible for about one fifth of community climate emissions. To reduce emissions, we must all be a part of the solution.

Ultimately, the choices we make today as individuals and as a community will determine the world that our children and future generations will inherit.  Fortunately, we have solutions available today that are affordable and don’t require us to sacrifice our quality of life. The good news - there are actions everyone can take that will make a difference.  The better news - most of these actions are easy and will also save money and improve our health.  

Together we can make a difference! Join us! Help make Charlottesville a leader in Climate Action. Be a part of the solution that protects our children’s futures. Sign up today as an individual or with your friends, and start planning how to reduce your carbon footprint. 


Grey McLean

Founder, The Charlottesville Climate Collaborative